Wow! Where has this school year gone?

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It’s crazy to think that my last little is half way through her kindergarten year! Just last year at this time I was dreaming of how much crafting time I would have once she was going to school full-time! Oh Boy how delusional was I??? I miss my crafting more than ever! I have done a few projects here and there and in the meantime my scraproom has become a dumping zone for all the last minute crafting! About a week ago I was suppose to be getting ready for a full weekend crop, and as I walked into my scraproom I just laughed, because I really wanted to cry! My Hobby that I love was no where to be seen. It had happened I had neglected my safe place and in doing so I began avoiding it like the plague because who wants to clean up before they craft? Not me!!! Thank goodness for Weekend Retreats, I was able to get my room back in somewhat of order to over pack for a weekend where I struggled to complete 1 project!
So if you have been like me and your crafting has been riding in the backseat I encourage you to try and go to a weekend retreat with Friends, they really are the best kind of medicine a crafter needs!

And You are just in Luck because I have just what the Doctor order I have a Full Weekend of cropping coming at you March 3 to 5th! Our Crop is now open for registration but don’t wait to long we are already half full!

To see the details and to register today head on over HERE now!