Girly Birthday Cards with Artfully Sent

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I am really loving the CTMH Artfully Sent Cartridge! Creating Quick and beautiful cards quickly has never been so easy for me!
The kids needed a birthday card for the next day, my daughter requested Princess. I opened the Handbook for Artfully sent and Page 26 seemed prefect for the job. The castle got my daughters approval too! I ended up creating 4 card in just over an hour!

Queen for a Day!
I cut this card at 7″ for both the Outside and Inside
For the crown I cut both pieces at 5″
The Castle I cut with real Dial size on at 2″
Birthday Girl Banner is from Pg.25 cut with real dial size on at .5″ (I think that’s what I cut it at.)
I just trimmed the white to create the strip behind the Birthday banner
The Curly swirls are from the Fairy Card below.
Next time I would cut the Crown a little smaller so it’s not hiding the words.
This is the Scene cut at 7″ for the card base then I folded the front outer flap back and glued it.
Castle is also cut at 7″
The word Happy Birthday is from Pg.29 Cut with real dial size on at 2.5″
Find Your Prince!
I cut at 4.25″ then I cut cut a piece of paper to fit the back of the front of the card so the cut-out would stand out, I also added a white mat to the inside and cut the castle with real dial size on at 1.5″ and glued to the left bottom corner.
Sweet Fairy Princess
I cut at 7″ then for the inside of the card I cut the pop-up on Pg. 25 with the curly Swirls at 7″ the cut out I used on the Queen Card above. I glued the two together and then on the side with the swirls I added the the cut out of the frog and crown from he prince card.

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